Inspired by Emoji and [fun with flags] by Sheldon Cooper in TBBT.

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South America (14)

URY H2TL es Montevideo 08/25/1825 Eastern Province
COL H3 es Bogota 07/20/1810 gold:ocean:blood=2:1:1
ARG H2C es Buenos Aires 07/09/1816 sun of May/celeste
BRA 3 pt Brasilia 09/07/1822 Astronomy facts
BOL H3C es Sucre/La Paz 08/06/1825 mineral resource/2 capitals
CHL H2TL es Santiago 09/18/1810 US flag family/Andes mountains
PER H32 es Lima 07/28/1821 no special
PRY H3C es Asuncion 05/14/1811 two sided/sun and lion/French
ECU H3C es Quito 05/24/1822 Colombian family/not equal
VEN H3TL es Caracas 04/19/1810 Colombian family/equal/8stars
GUY R en Georgetown 05/26/1966 red and yellow arrows
SUR H3C nl Paramaribo 11/25/1975 2+1+4+1+2
GUF LD2C fr Cayenne France French national flag
FLK TLR en Stanley 06/14/1982 [Island]

South America Facts:

  • Brazil is the only country that speaks Portuguese while most of the neighbours speak Spanish; Guyana is the only country that the official language is English.

  • The flags of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador share the same color and similar structure because of Simon Bolivar, who played an instrumental role in the establishment of the northern part (Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia) of South America as sovereign states independent of Spanish rule. And that’s why Bolivia is called after Bolivar.

  • The flags of Argentina and Uruguay share the similar color because of the same designer and there was another guy, who leads the southern part (Chile, Argentina, Peru) of South America ‘s struggle from Spanish empire, José de San Martín.

  • The rest three of the countries in the north-eastern part of South America was either dominated by Dutch or British until independence, or still under control of France.

  • The Falkland Island belonged to Argentina but is under control by UK. Argentina fought twice for the sovereignty of that island in history and failed finally in 1982. After that every year Argentina went to UN and claim on the ownership of the island. 90% of the Argentina population are from European countries like Spain, Italy, UK and German. (One of my friends who comes from Argentina said that 7 out of his 8 grand grandpa were from Italy while the rest was from Palestine). Julio Argentino Roca, killed most of the original residents of Argentina and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento introduced European economy and education system into Argentina however lots of people in Argentina hates him because of the Europeanization brought by him.

Central America (8)

MEX V3C es Mexico City 09/16/1810 hope/unity/hero’s blood
BLZ H3C en Belmopan 09/21/1821 British Honduras
GTM V3C es Guatemala City 09/15/1821 civil flag without arm
SLV H3C es San Salvador 09/15/1821 holy savior
HND H3C es Tegucigalpa 09/15/1821 fat star vs skinny star
NIC H3C es Managua 09/15/1821 blue-white-blue pattern
CRI H53 es San Jose 09/15/1821 forbidden to be used by private citizens
PAN +3D es Panama City 11/28/1821 Conservative/Liberal Party

Central America Facts:

  • The blue-white-blue pattern is common to all the central American states, being a reminder of the union from the beginning of the 19th century, except Mexico and Belize. Each of the five original countries found a way to differentiate the flag.

  • Guatemala turned the stripes vertically, El Salvador put its coats of arm, Honduras five stars, Nicaragua its coat of arm, Costa Rica put a red stripe in the middle. Panama make it a matrix by adding red color. All of the states (except Guatemala) have common elements on their coat of arms – mountains (volcanoes) with a sea on each side, secessionist cap, spectrum, stars, and the inscription ‘America Central’. The triangle symbolizes equality. Civilians on the land may use, also, the flag without the arms.

  • All the central America countries speak Spanish except Belize, whose former name was British Honduras. All the countries have similar independence dates most of which was Sep 25th 1821.

Caribbean (28)


North America (5)

USA H2TL en Washington D.C. 07/04/1776 old glory red/old glory blue
CAN V3C en Ottawa 07/01/1867 The Maple Leaf For Ever
GRL H2L da Nuuk Denmark red= fjord/white=ice cap
SPM V3 fr Saint Pierre France [Island]
BMU 1TLR en Hamilton UK [Island]

North America Facts:

  • Only 5 countries with 3 of them are still territories of European countries.

Eastern Asia (5)

CHN 1TL zh Beijing 10/01/1949 4 classes
PRK H3CL ko Pyongyang 09/09/1948 star:struggle for socialism
KOR C ko Seoul 08/15/1945 Yin-Yang/Iching
JPN 2C ja Tokyo 05/03/1947 sun and lotus
MNG 3L mn Ulaanbaatar 12/29/1911 soyombo/Lamaism

Eastern Asia Facts:

  • Actually I was really surprised to find that the country which makes the best of traditional Chinese culture on the national flag is South Korea. They use concepts from both Yinyang and Yijing in ancient China which includes ‘Taiji’ and ‘Bagua’.

  • Mongolia also use the concept of Yin and Yang in their emblem ‘soyombo‘ (whose origins are closely associated with Lamaism). But in their interpretation, the circle of ying and yang also represents two fish which, because fish never close their eyes, signify reason and wisdom.

Central Asia (5)


South Central Asia (9)

IND H3C hi New Delhi 08/15/1947 Dharma Chakra/wheel of the law

South Eastern Asia (11)


Middle East / Western Asia (18)


Western Europe (9)

FRA V3 fr Paris 10/04/1958 Saint Martin/Virgin Mary/Saint Denis
DEU H3 de Berlin 10/03/1990 Deutschlandfahne
NLD H3 nl Amsterdam 01/30/1684 William of Orange
BEL V3 fr/de/nl Brussels 10/04/1830 pole/middle/fly
LUX H3 fr/de Luxembourg City 06/09/1815 shallow nl/derive from coa
LIE H2TL de Vaduz 07/12/1806 sky/embers in the fireplace
CHE C fr Berne 08/01/1291 square/white cross on gules
MCO H2 fr Monaco City 1297 red and white/no tax
AUT H3 de Vienna 08/11/1804 red white red

Western Europe Facts:

  • The western Europe has two big countries, France and Germany, compared to the others. Between them lies the rest of the countries (5), Netherlands to Switzerland from north to south. That’s why the official language of those in-the-middle countries would be more than one, and often includes French or German. Monaco and Austria lie a little far away.

  • Deutschland is the German language word for Germany. So does ‘de’ for German. I put unity date here for Germany independence date when east and west Germany united.

  • CHE stands for Confoederatio Helvetica – the old Latin name for Switzerland (Swiss). Helvetia comes from the Helvetians, the first tribe settling in the central European region.

  • Netherlands (nether means ‘below’) refers to Holland or Dutch. In Old English dutch meant “people or nation.” This also explains why Germany is called Deutschland in German. Over time, English-speaking people used the word Dutch to describe people from both the Netherlands and Germany. At that point in time, in the early 1500s, the Netherlands and parts of Germany, along with Belgium and Luxembourg, were all part of the Holy Roman Empire. Specifically the phrase “High Dutch” referred to people from the mountainous area of what is now southern Germany. “Low Dutch” referred to people from the flat lands in what is now the Netherlands. Within the Holy Roman Empire, the word “Netherlands” was used to describe people from the low-lying (nether) region (land). The term was so widely used that when they became a formal, separate country in 1815, they became the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The word “Holland” literally meant “wood-land” in Old English and originally referred to people from the northern region of the Netherlands. Over time, it came to apply to the entire country.

Northern Europe (11)

ISL +3L is Reykjavik 02/01/1904 red connection to Norway
IRL V3 en/Irish Dublin 01/07/1922 g Catholics/o William III/harp
GBR ++3 en London 05/01/1707 St. George/St. Andrew/St. Patrick
DNK +2L da Copenhagen 06/05/1849 The Danish Cloth
NOR +3L nb Oslo 05/17/1814 Scandinavian crosses
SWE +2L sv Stockholm 06/06/1523 Danish flag
FIN +2L sv/fi Helsinki 03/29/1809 Scandinavian cross
EST H3 et Tallinn 02/24/1918 faith/dark past suffering/bright
LVA H3 lv Riga 11/18/1918 carmine red
LTU H3 lt Vilnius 02/16/1918 dark green shade/light African
FRO +3L fo torshavn 04/01/1948 Island/Merkid:the mark/symbol

Northern Europe Facts:

  • Most Northern European countries use the Scandinavian Cross design for their flags. It is a design where a cross appear in the center (vertically) and slightly shifts to the left (horizontally) on the rectangular field of a flag. The color of the cross and background differ between different countries.

  • There are 5 main countries in the so called Nordic Countries who have adopted such flags: Iceland, Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Finland from west to east. Iceland and Norway has 3 colors (red/white/blue) for flag where white appears between cross and the background. The color of cross and background shift for the two countries where red cross blue background for Iceland and blue cross red background for Norway. Other three countries use only 2 colors for the flag where one color for cross and the other for background. Denmark got white-red, Sweden got yellow-blue, Finland got blue-white. There are also several islands (autonomous regions) which use the cross design. Aland Islands, belongs to Sweden, insert red cross into the Sweden flag (yellow-blue) while Faroe Islands, insert red cross into the Finland flag (blue-white).

  • Another country that use the cross design but in a more complex way is the United Kingdom. It is formed by combining 3 elements together into one. United Kingdom is consist of Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man. Flag of Scotland is a white diagonal on blue background (the cross of St. Andrew), flag of England is a red cross centered on white background (the cross of St. George), element of Ireland is red diagonal on white (cross of St. Patrick). By combining them together we have the flag for Great Britain. By the way, the flag of Man was mentioned by Sheldon in TBBT since it has three man legs in the middle of the flag which is quite weird.

  • Among the countries which do not use Nordic Cross design, Ireland got flag whose color is very similar with Indian flag. Also the coat of arm of Ireland is a harp which Amy plays a lot in TBBT. The rest three countries are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which all use horizontal frame for their country flags.

Eastern Europe (10)

POL H2 pl Warsaw 11/11/1918 White eagle on red crest
BLR |H2 be Minsk 07/27/1990 Belarusian decorative pattern
RUS H3 ru Moscow 12/25/1991 influenced by Dutch
UKR H2 uk Kiev 08/24/1991 Kyivan Rus
MDA V3C ro Chisinau 08/27/1991 Romanian origin/wish reunification
ROU V3 ro Bucharest 05/10/1877 Moldova/Andorra/Chad/Romania
BGR H3 bg Sofia 10/05/1908 wbr/wgr/Ottoman empire
HUN H3 hu Budapest 04/14/1849 red/white/green
SVK H3CL sk Bratislava 01/01/1993 Czechoslovak split
CZE 3 cs Prague 01/01/1993 Slavic/wrb/Bohemia

Southern Europe (16)

PRT V2CL pt Lisbon 06/24/1128 hope/green+sacrifice/scarlet
ESP H3CL es Madrid 10/12/1492 harmony with arm
ITA V3 it Rome 03/17/1861 militia of Milan/small radish